McLean Foundation

Our Mission:

The McLean Foundation empowers communities in the Eel River Valley and Humboldt County by providing funding, leadership and support.


Our Emphasis:

The McLean Foundation looks favorably on projects that serve the Eel River Valley and Southern Humboldt but our emphasis does not dismiss our desire to review requests from the larger Humboldt County Community.


What we have done thus far:

Since 2000, The McLean Foundation has been offering support and empowerment to our communities in the Eel River Valley and Humboldt County.


We have:

  • Supported over 378 non- profit organizations
  • Funded over 1,140 different grants
  • Put over $14 million dollars directly into this community.


Watch how the McLean Foundation came to be, where we are now and what the future holds…


Our Past


Our Present


The Future


Our founders, Mel and Grace McLean built their lives and made their livelihood in Humboldt County. As one of our notable historical families, their legacy continues to serve our community.

“Empowering People and Strengthening Communities”